Tuesday, October 10, 2023

"The Essentials: The Church" - Dan Bender

This week we are going to be taking a little look at what it means to be the church and why it is essential not only for us as a people but for the world we live in as a whole.

This blog is going to pose more questions than answers because this will help set up our discussion this weekend. A very good place to look at this scripturally is in the Book of Acts, particularly early on. Because "The Church" has been around for so long, let's look at this in the past, present and future where it applies. Take a look at Acts 1 and Acts 2 and see if you can source the following:

Who has been/is (now)/will be "The Church"?

What has been/is (now)/will be "The Church"?

Where did "The Church" originate?

When did "The Church" come to be?

How was "The Church" formed?

Perhaps you have strolled down the side hallway of the Sanctuary before. You may have noticed that there are all kinds of pictures that tell a story of Hebron Church. Now, it’s not the complete story, but there are snapshots into Hebron's past that give you an idea about where we have come from.

Do you know Hebron's origin story?

It is pretty obvious that the church we take part in has had many changes over many years.

How well do you know the recent history of Hebron Church?

Knowing that the church we are a part of has come from someplace and will be here long after we are gone...

What is a significant and tangible way that you will involve yourself moving Hebron into the future?

Looking forward to exploring this more on Sunday!

Dan Bender